Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tales from the Woods

This weekend our whole family (Bergstrom side) went camping. We do this twice a year- once in the spring and once in the fall. It's a little tough to get a baby packed and ready to be away for a long weeekend, but it's so worth it.

And isn't it ironic how a tiny baby needs 10 times more stuff than his two grown parents combined? Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, baby food, clothes, clothes in case the original clothes get pooped on, clothes in case the back-up clothes get spit up on, clothes in case the back-up-back-up clothes get muddy or wet, pack-n-play, toys, blankets, jumparoo, bath seat, sound machine, baby monitor, burp cloths... Our trunk was packed so tightly with all of Eli's stuff that Eric and I could barely squeeze in the one duffle bag that we packed for ourselves! :)

Anyway, we made it, and it was a blast, despite the fact that almost everyone left. :) It was gorgeous on Thursday, but on Friday afternoon the rain started and never let up. Apparently it is difficult to keep 3 babies and a toddler happily entertained inside a tiny cabin for an entire afternoon. I think everyone was pretty frazzled after that, though Eric and I didn't know anything about it. We took a nap in the other cabin while my mom watched Eli for us. :) Anyway, by the time a rainy Saturday morning rolled around and the forecast was for rain, rain, and more rain, Phil and Kelly packed up Timothy and went home. Heather and Jonathan wanted to stay, but Jacey was pretty sick, so they left too.

My parents and Eric and Eli and I napped our way through the early afternoon as soon as everyone left, and we awoke to gorgeous, sunny weather! We were disssapointed that everyone left, but we thoroughly enjoyed the rest of our time. It was just good to relax and be away from "normal life" for a few days.

Eli did so well. He's slept great and loved walking, boating, swinging, and just playing outside. We were really proud of how well he did. But by this morning I think he had had it. He was so worn out, I think, by all the new sights and sounds, by being outside so much, etc., that I think he was just over-stimulated and stressed out. :) He'd be playing happily one minute and then screaming his little lungs out the next if you so much as looked at him wrong. :) It felt good to buckle him in his car seat and head for home.

And, oh, how I love the feeling of coming home. It was such a great weekend, and I am so thankful for the innumerable blessings of the Lord, of which my family is the very best gift of all.