Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Walking On, Walking On Broken Gla-a-aaass..."

Things have been par for the course around here lately. Last weekend my parents put up a giant pool in their backyard (above ground, but partially sunken). The whole family was there to help. Basically, that meant that the girls sat on blankets in the grass with the babies while the guys worked their tails off. :) Eli and Timothy and Cooper got to splash around in this tiny little pool my mom bought. They had a blast.

Life with Izzie, our new puppy, has been great. We think she's the best! Cody, on the other hand, does not share our opinions. :) He is mostly cordial to her, but if she gets near him while he is eating, he nips at her. He's broken the skin twice, and the second of these two times landed Izzie at the vet's office. She came home with 3 stiches. Poor baby. We're hoping we can get her through the rest of puppydom without any more wounds, because once she grows she'll probably be bigger than Cody, or at least faster. Injury aside, she's a really happy, playful little thing, but she's also really mellow. She goes from 90 to nothing in about 3 seconds flat. We like her lots!

Eli is doing well too. He's getting a few more teeth, though, so that renders him super-fussy on and off throughout the day, which renders Mommy super-frazzled by the time Daddy gets home. :) But fortunately he's still sleeping great and is, for the most part, still his normal, happy, high-energy self. Here are a few of his latest feats...

-Standing for long periods of time: He pulls up and then lets go and just stands there all by himself. It's the craziest thing to see, because he's all of 26 inches tall- should a kid so little be free-standing? :) I have yet to see steps- I don't think he even realizes that walking is possible. But still- I am super-impessed with his standing abilities!

-Words: He says "Mama" and "Dada" pretty frequently now, and just in the past week we've heard "Izzie" twice and "keys" once. These could be coincidental utterings of random sound, but they seemed purposeful to me. We were playing with Izzie both times he said "Izzie," and this morning when I handed him my keys to keep him occupied in his stroller, he took them and said, "keys." Coincidence? We shall see...

-Crawling: There is no escaping Eli now. He's got crawling down to an art.

-Getting into EVERYTHING: Enough said. I need to babyproof my house a little more. Geez!

I can't believe that Eli will be a year old in just a week and a half. I get teary just thinking about it. This Sunday we're attending a NICU reunion, which will be so meaningful, I'm sure.

"So what's with the title?" you may ask. Besides getting an annoying song stuck in my head, it is a description of our afternoon. While Eric was mowing the yard today, the mower kicked up a pebble from the garden path and shattered our glass door. Fortunately, it's double-paned, so we didn't have to rush out and buy a new one, but Eric spent a good hour and a half cleaning up all the shards of glass from the back porch. What an afternoon!

But if that's the worst I have to deal with this week, I'll take it. Life has been so full, so joyful lately. We're so thankful.


Tricia F said...

Crazy about the glass door, but that Izzie is one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen. I can't wait to see more pictures. How did Eli react when he first met her?