Monday, July 13, 2009

The Shack

Has anyone read The Shack? The author's name is escaping me right now. I'm pressing on through it because about a million people I know are singing its praises, but I must admit that I'm having a hard time. There are several theological discrepancies, in my opinion, and if I can pick those things out, that's saying something. :) Also, the writing is slightly I-just-took-a-writing-course-and-now-know-how-to-use-tons-of-corny-similes for me. But everyone keeps saying to keep on going, because it will change my life.

Opinions? Encouragements to press on? :)


Amber said...

Fisher has written a short article on the fad this book has become. he warned of the very thing you're seeing -- that it in fact does not portray God biblically. I haven't read it [the book] myself, though as a staff i think we were encouraged to do so and participate in a discussion -- i was 8mo prego, so i excused myself from the assignment.

Tricia F said...

Most of my friends share your opinion. Even if the theological discrepancies weren't as obvious as they were, his writing is really ahrd to follow... as you said. has a really cool review. You might have to search for it though.

Sarah said...

Steve would say to not even bother reading it when there is so much out there that is right theologically and written beautifully. The general DTS consensus is that it is a dangerous book, no matter how popular with the general public.