Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Hi-Lights

Favorite Moments of the Weekend:

1. Eric brought me flowers on Friday afternoon, as a prelude to the great date we had on Friday night. You just can't top Primo's on Lake Ray Hubbard.

2. He also bought several drinks developed by yours truly. Most of you know that I work for a flavor company. We make all kinds of flavors for ice creams, candies, drinks, baked goods, etc. Blue Bell, Sara Lee, and tons of other places buy our flavors, and products sold by our clients are available everywhere. I rarely notice them, and I honestly don't even know the extent of what we sell and who we sell to. But we walked into Albertson's the other day and right there in the front display were my drinks! This project consumed all my time and energy for several long months before I went on bed rest with Eli. I never really knew what happened with it- who bought it, how it was being sold, etc. But then there they were, in all their glory- my beautiful, sugar-y, artificially flavored beverages. I made them! Me! My college education paid off! :) Anyway, Eric came home home with all the flavors on Friday so that my family could taste them this weekend. :) It made me happy that he was so proud of me.

3. I got to sleep in until after 9am both Saturday and Sunday. I have such a sweet, selfless husband. He wakes up at 4:15am every week day, as opposed to me waking up at 7am with Eli, so you'd think he would be the one needing a little sleeping in. But instead he almost always gets up with Eli on the weekends, and I feel so spoiled!

4. Lots of sun and swimming, and even some pool volleyball.

5. We visited Eric's mom and step-dad in Fort Worth on Saturday afternoon, and we had such a great time. They just moved into a new house that has tons of space for Eli to run around. We had such a great time with them.

6. And the best part of the entire weekend is an amazing testimony to the grace and pursuit of God. I can't wait to tell you guys about it, but I need to wait a little longer. Eric and I both were moved to tears by this incredible answer to prayer and the amazing work the Lord is doing in the life of someone we care about so deeply.

What was your favorite part of the weekend?


Tricia F said...

So fun! Thanks for the update. It's so cool that you get to see some of your products in the stores now. :)