Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Camping Trip

Last Wednesday through Sunday the whole family (Bergstroms, Heinzes, Mannings, and us) went to Daingerfield for our annual fall camping trip.  The weather was gorgeous, and the trees were in their fall prime.  We had a blast together, as usual!

Early morning walk around the lake:

He looks JUST like Eric in this picture:

One of the hilights of the weekend for the kids was building a bottle rocket (propelled by the reaction between vinegar and baking soda) and launching it over and over again.

Tree climber:

On the playground:

Charlie, Eli, and Timothy:

He was digging through the box of bait worms to choose which one he wanted for his "pet."  :)  And look at that sky!

Jacey and Eli like to do the "spider" on the swings.  They laugh and laugh, and it's adorable to watch (and impossible to get a photo of).

Cousins on the boats:

Paddle boating!  We canoed and paddle boated at sunset one day, and the lake was as smooth as glass.  It was one of those "perfect" moments that I'll never forget.

Cousins on a hike:

I love the special bond these two have always had:

Family picture!

We are already looking forward to the spring camping trip!