Monday, September 3, 2018

August 2018

Well, August is in the books!  As sad as we were to see the summer go, we're ready for the fall, too.  Here are a few pictures from last month, out of order as usual...

Eli finished up Dallas Mavs basketball camp.  We were so impressed with this camp and the coaches.  Eli learned a lot and had a blast, and we'll definitely be back next year.

We took the cousins (minus Jacey) for one last day at the wave pool.  

The night before, we had them over for a sleepover in a tent in our playroom.  :)

First day of FIFTH GRADE!  We are so proud of our 5th grader and excited for all that is in store for him this year at PCCS.

The night before school started we had a super surprising downpour of rain for a little bit- Eli took full advantage of the opportunity to play in the rain!  :)

(Out of order alert)  Eli in his Dallas Mavs jersey before camp one morning...

All the cousins!

Eli and one of his best school buddies, Kellan.

We went to Splash Kingdom with Victoria and her mom, as has become our tradition at the end of each summer.  These two have been friends since primer and always seem to just pick back up where they left off.  

Hank turned 4 and got a giant bone as a present.  :)

A boy and his dog. :)

Another back to school shot, backpack ready to go!

Eli started taking piano lessons this semester, and we hope that he loves it and sticks with it.  Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop are graciously letting him practice at their house.  :)

And that winds up August!  We have a fun long-weekend trip to Destin planned this month, and then after that we'll officially settle into fall.  :)  Love to you!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

July 2018

So apparently my new normal is out-of-order pictures.  Sorry!  :)  Here is a smattering of photos from our July, all out of order, but all indicative of the fun, relaxing, and quintessentially "summer" month we've had.  We're sad to see July go!

We went to Surf-n-Swim (wave pool) with Elizabeth and CJ one day at the beginning of the month.  I love that place so much because we used to go there as kids, and it's hardly changed a bit.

On the 4th of July we celebrated with family and some church friends, and we ended the night with sparklers in our back yard.

For the 4th, Eli and Timothy built their own game of corn hole- pretty impressive!

Lots of swimming and cannonballing has gone on this month!


Eric and Eli went fishing on the morning of the 4th.


We went back to Surf-N-Swim later in the month, but sadly the wave machine was broken that day, so it was essentially just a giant, warm swimming pool.  :)  The kids still had fun, though.

Snow-cones make even broken wave machines better.  :) 

Our sweet friend Holly Baker hosted a little group of us for a morning of swimming at her pool.

 Back to the sparklers...


Last weekend Kelly and I took the boys to Burger's Lake in Ft. Worth.  It's a big spring-fed pool that hasn't changed much since the 1970s.  :)  They have SUPER high diving boards (see Eli way up there??), slides, a trapeze...  it's just a really fun old-time-y "swimming hole," and the kids had a BLAST.

My dad's parents came to visit from Pennsylvania last week!  We so enjoyed our time with them and absolutely treasure the relationships we share.  We are looking forward to a visit from my mom's parents next month as well!

Back to the sparklers...

Burger's Lake...

 The boys picked a bunch of flowers in the park for their Great-Grandmom.  :)

And more sparklers...  (Are you tired of these yet?)  :)

The whole family, sadly minus Jonathan (who was at work):

The group of kids at Holly's (Eli, Kelly's boys, and the Howards):

Hank's special summer treat. :)

 Burger's Lake:

 The trapeze at Burger's Lake (See Eli out there?):

 More Burger's Lake (premium snack bar foods):  :)

Sprinklers with the cousins...

 Eli is in Dallas Mavericks Hoop Camp this week, and he's having a BLAST.  This is a terrible picture, but here it is anyway.  :)  There are maybe 75ish kids in the camp, and it's been a great experience for Eli.  He goes every day all day and comes home exhausted but happy!  :)

 And I think that about does it for July!  We are enjoying these last days of summer before school starts and are sad to see summer end.  It's been a good one!  Love to you all!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

California, June 2018

We went to Santa Cruz, California for our summer vacation this month!  Here are a some pictures from our time there...  Sorry there are so many!  This is for you, Grandmom!  :)  

These are also super out of order for some reason, but oh well.  Here goes!  :)

We flew into San Francisco and spent the day there before heading to the house we rented in Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz is a super charming "surf town-" we loved it!  Our house was just a short walk from the beach, and there is a path that runs 6 miles up and down the coast- you can stop off at little beaches, a state park, and the pier/boardwalk.  It's a great little town!

This is from our first evening in Santa Cruz, right along the coast super close to our house.

Different day...  This is at a beach up the coast a little ways from Santa Cruz.  It was gorgeous, windy, and very chilly!  

Different day again (I'm just going to stop saying that! These are so out of order!)...  This is Monastery Beach in Carmel.  Carmel is GORGEOUS, and this beach was insane!  The waves were huge, and we had a great time playing there.

Santa Cruz at sunset...

A beach in Big Sur...  We drove to Big Sur and did a 9-mile loop hike.  The first 4 miles were straight UP... I don't think we've ever done such a steep hike!  The weather was chilly and breezy, and the scenery was breathtaking.  We have always wanted to see Big Sur- the views from the rocky cliffs overlooking the blue ocean are spectacular!

We spent a lot of time along the coast in Santa Cruz crab-hunting.  When the tide was down, there were lots of rocky areas where there were all kinds of sea animals in the tide pools.  We found a giant star fish, sea urchins, and tons of crabs.  This is Eli's idea of paradise.  :)

More crab hunting...

Santa Cruz is a surf town.  We enjoyed watching the surfers as we walked along the coast.

At the beach in Carmel...

On another day we did some hiking in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.  Seeing the huge redwoods is something we will never forget.

In San Francisco we ate lunch on Fisherman's Wharf and then walked UP into the neighborhoods.  It was fun to see the classic San Francisco architecture and huge hills!

Natural Bridges State Park was a 3-mile walk from our house in Santa Cruz.  We walked down the coast and spent some time hiking in the park and playing on the beach there.

On a beach near Santa Cruz...

Rare family shot!


Natural Bridges State Park...

We always said we'd just get our feet wet, and then we always ended up getting SOAKED in our clothes!  :)


A hi-light of the trip for Eli was was watching the Warriors win the NBA Championship!  

Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco...

This is the view from the highest point in the Big Sur hike.  From this point we wound our way back down the coast all the way to the beach below.  This was my favorite part of the trip.

While we were in San Francisco, we drove to Oakland so Eli could see Oracle Arena (where the Warriors play).  We didn't see Steph Curry, but Eli did get to buy a t-shirt in the fan shop.  :)

Live catch!


We of course had to see the Golden Gate Bridge!
Another few shots from the Big Sur hike...



We had the BEST seafood!

More crab-hunting...


Redwoods hiking at another state park (Henry Cowell)...

Big Sur...

Crab hunting...

The surf in Carmel was HUGE!

Hiking back down to the beach in Big Sur...  (The views were UNREAL!)

More redwoods...

A couple from San Francisco...

At few more from the redwoods hikes...


 Poor Eli did a lot of this in the car after our hikes...  :)

 Big Sur...

He'd search on the rocks for crabs until a huge wave hit, at which point he'd run at top speed away from it to avoid getting soaked!  :)

And if you are still reading by this point, congratulations for making it this far!  :)  Thanks for wanting to see pictures from our vacation!  We are so thankful for the memories we made and the beautiful places we got to see during our week in California.