Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Belated Update

I probably freaked many people out by putting on my Facebook status that we were in the hospital with Eli but then not giving any more information than that. I'm sorry! I didn't have a second to update my blog or Facebook or anything else. We just so appreciate all of your prayers, and we are, thankfully, back home now.

So here's what happened in a nutshell... On Friday night we noticed that Eli was having "retractions," which means that you could see his ribs when he was breathing, a sign that it is a little too big of an effor to breath. We gave it some time and kept a close watch on him, but when it hadn't cleared up by Saturday afternoon and was seemingly getting worse, we called Eli's pulmonologist to see what we should do. He told us to get him to Children's Hospital. So we packed up Eli and took him to Children's, and they admitted him pretty much right away, after doing a chest x-ray and determining that he had pneumonia.

So the past four days have been spent just sitting in a hospital room with Eli as he got antibiotics, oxygen, fluids, tests, and round-the-clock care from the great staff there at Children's. His pneumonia is clearing up well and he is feeling and looking so much better now, so they sent him home today. He'll just be on the medicine for a few more days.

This has been a really, really rough past few days for Eric and me. We have gotten virtually NO sleep (the nurses come in every hour round the clock), and we are just so thankful to finally be home and hopefully catch up on rest and the million other little things that have fallen by the wayside as we've spent every minute at the hospital this week.

We are so thankful for all your prayers and for those that came to visit and help out. We'll continue to keep you posted with Eli's progress to complete health, and maybe a more cheerful blog will be coming soon. :) Love to you all!


Hi-d-Ho said...

soooo glad for the update. We love you so much! And the whole family has been praying for Eli!