Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Thunder Rolls

This week has been super rainy, which I love. I am a big fan of hot Texas summers, but I really miss good rain storms by the time August rolls around. So, needless to say, this week of rain has been a joy! Eric and I have loved sitting on the porch with Eli, watching the rain and just talking and laughing. Last night was maybe the loudest storm I have ever heard. None of us could sleep, and the fact that Eric, in particular, wasn't able to sleep through the storm says a lot. :)

Anyway, Eric and I were awake for most of the night listening to the thunder and lightening and tending to Eli, who was continually jarred out of his sleep by all the noise. There was something so precious about holding my tiny little baby against my chest, comforting him while the storm raged outside. I was reminded yet again of how the Lord loves us, His children. How He LONGS to hold us close against him, to be our strong and safe shelter against all the storms that rage around us. How He adores when we lay quietly against Him.

And yet we turn away from His open arms and comforting, safe embrace so many times. When Eli is upset, he arches his back and stiffens his legs and throws his head back. It makes it almost impossible to hold him close. All I can do is just say over and over again to him, "It's okay, Mommy's here" until he finally relaxes and enjoys the comfort of just being held.

How often do I do this same thing to my heavenly Father? I get so upset by some curve life throws at me, and instead of letting myself be held tenderly and securely by my loving Father, I arch my back, throw back my head, and make it impossible to enjoy the safety of His arms. And yet He is so patient, whispering over and over agian, "It's okay, I AM here" until I finally realize that resting against the breast of my Father is the best place I can be, regardless of whatever kind of storm is raging around me. I want to be easy to hold.

I am so thankful for the lessons that the Lord is teaching me through motherhood. There are things I never could have learned apart from the sacrifice of taking care of a tiny infant. I'm sure there are many, many more lessons that the Lord has for me, and for these I eagerly wait, albeit with a little fearful of the painful "breaking" process that sometimes needs to happen when stubborn people like me learn lessons!

A.W. Tozer said (paraphrasing) that the aetheist hears thunder and lightening and explains how a hot air mass hits a cold air mass and produces electricity, which in turn produces lightening, which then triggers thunder. But the believer hears thunder and falls to his knees, and all he can do is whisper, "God." I LOVE this statement. We can hear God in the thunder and lightening and rain, and we can worship Him for all His power and beauty. I am so thankful for this week of rain, for the walks that I have gotten to take all by myself, with the Lord, in it, and for the sweet moments I've had with my family as we listen to and watch the marvels of our Great God.


Matt and Tricia said...

Wow, Erica, this is really cool. Thanks for sharing these special moments with your family and for making them into 'teachable moments' for those of us reading. :)