Friday, August 29, 2008

And what did YOU do before 7am?

I told Eric last night as we were going to bed that yesterday was the first day in a whole month that I hadn't changed Eli's outfit or my outfit at least twice. What a milestone, huh? I shouldn't have spoken so soon, however, because this morning more than made up for the relatively "clean" day we had yesterday...

5:00am- Mommy feeds Baby and put back to sleep, rejoicing in the fact that he will most definitely sleep until at least 7:30am.
6:05am- Baby begins to fuss. Mommy rolls over in bed and tries to ignore the noise, hoping he will fall back to sleep.
6:10am- Fussing continues.
6:15am- Fussing turns into crying and can no longer be ignored. Mommy sadly rouses herself from sleep and goes to soothe Baby, refusing to give in to 6:15am awakening.
6:25am- Baby finally back to sleep. Upon tucking blankets snug around baby, Mommy notices a strange dampness that cannot be identified in the semi-darkness of the nursery. Mommy assumes this is only a little leaking of the diaper that can be dealt with later and goes, joyfully, back to bed.
6:30am- Baby crying. Mommy frustrated and sad and so very sleepy. Mommy goes to tend to baby.
6:35am- Upon closer examination, "little dampness" is identified as "major wetness." Wishing she had changed Baby's diaper at 5am, Mommy picks up Baby to change what she believes is a wet diaper. When picking Baby up, is shocked to find the entire bottom half of Baby soaked in poopy wetness, along with every linen in Baby's crib.
6:40am- Baby stripped, bathed, re-diapered. Mommy picks up Baby and pats his back, only to unleash large burp which is followed closely by copious spit-up.
6:42am- Baby re-stripped, re-bathed, re-clothed, and sitting happily in bouncy seat. Mommy, covered in spit-up, deals with poopy mess all over nursery.
6:48am- Mommy changes clothes, starts laundry, scrubs stains, and listens to Baby talking happily to frog balloon.
7am- Baby eats bottle and falls asleep. Mommy begins daily coffee intake.

*I tried to capture in the above picture both the frog balloon and Eli staring at it. It's not that good of a picture, but it's the best I could do. He LOVES this balloon. He is absolutely enthralled by it. He just sits there and stares at it and talks to it and laughs. It's precious, and a good way to keep him entertained while I take a shower!


Matt and Tricia said...

wow, girl.

The White House said...

What a morning! Sleeping is a luxury for any mom. I was so excited b/c Caleb was going to get Avery all set for school and take her this morning, my other two have been sleeping til nine all week... not today, both up at 6!

Kate Wilke said...

I can't stop laughing. I'm sorry - I know that's not nice, but it's just so typical of what we all must endure. It's one of those moments when you are frustrated in the moment and upset that he just won't go back to sleep ... and then as you are writing it, reading it - you can't help but just laugh.