Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Week

Not a lot has been going on this week- it has been really calm and normal, which is just how I like it! Here are a few tidbits...

-At Awana on Tuesday I was talking to the kids about whether or not they like their school teachers. One boy said, "I like my Awana teacher!" Because I am in fact their Awana teacher, I wanted to know the wonderful reasons why he likes me so much. He answered, "Because she brings us snacks every week!" Yeah, I was humbled. :)

-Eli is as cute and happy as ever! His new thing is to talk incessantly every moment that he is awake. So instead of hearing him fussing in his crib when he wakes up for his 4am feeding, we hear baby talk. It's adorable. We have a mobile above his crib that he loves. It is a blessing beacause it keeps him occupied in his crib long enough for me to fix him a bottle or finish what I was doing before going in to get him. It is a curse because if I lay him down to sleep and he so much as cracks an eye open to see it, he gets so excited that he just lays there and talks to it instead of sleeping. :)

-Eli and I went to the Arboretum again this week, this time with my friend Sarah and her two kiddos. We had a blast, despite spending a whopping $14 on a sandwich and a cup of coffee. (Note to self: PACK A PICNIC LUNCH NEXT TIME!) Eric and I are going to buy a family membership to the Arboretum as a present for Eli for Christmas. It will be something that we can all enjoy throughout the year.

-I ruined our weekend plans by catching some sort of stomach bug! I haven't been sick like this since college, and it hit me so hard. We had planned on taking Eli to the zoo, but all I could manage on Saturday was to lie in bed and moan! :) I am really thankful that Eric was around to take care of Eli! I am feeling much better today, just kind of "blah." Hopefully tomorrow I'll be 100%, because I have Heather's kids along with Eli.

And that's about it! Have a great week!