Sunday, September 18, 2011

24 Hours Away

On our actual anniversary this year (Thursday), I worked and Eric spent the day with Eli. Then when I got home Eric and Eli went to a football game with Phil and Timothy and I spent the evening cleaning the house. Very romantic. :) But I did get a gorgeous bouquet of roses and a very sweet card!

We were so looking forward to this weekend, though, when we could actually get away to celebrate! We dropped Eli off with my parents at noon yesterday and headed to the Addison Oktoberfest for the afternoon. We had a blast- it was so nice to just walk and talk and enjoy being outside!

After that we went to our hotel in Addison and rested a while and got fixed up for dinner. We went to Chamberlain's Fish Market and Grill, where we had perhaps the best meal we've ever eaten! The restaraunt was fancy and romantic, and the food was incredible. They offer cooking classes there, so I might be asking for that as a birthday gift come December!

We watched "Water for Elephants" in our hotel room with champagne and chocolate cake- an anniversary tradition for us. :) Then we enjoyed sleeping for almost 11 hours straight! We both were in desperate need of rest- it was heavenly!

This morning we went out to brunch and then headed home to get Eli. It was a perfect 24 hours away. I'm so thankful to celebrate four wonderful years with my very favorite person in the world.