Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vacation Pictures

Alright, here we go... :)

We flew into Boston on Wednesday morning and spent the day walking around the historic part of downtown. We'd never been to Boston before, and we loved it! We ate lunch at the Barking Crab on the water, a "Man vs. Food" place, and it was so good!

From Boston we took the Downeaster train to Portland, Maine. Eli loved the train ride (see his giant smile?)! Grandpop and Grandmom met us in Portland and, after a nice dinner out, took us to their beautiful log home in Denmark, Maine.

The next day (Thursday) we went to the Maine Wildlife Preserve, where Eli saw his first moose! He's been talking about it for months now, so I'm glad we were finally able to make his dream come true. :) There were lots of other neat animals there, too- ones that you don't see in Texas! Eli used up his whole disposable camera taking pictures of the animals there. :)

On Friday we went to the beach at Pine Point. It was the perfect day. The weather was gorgeous, and the tides happened to be timed just right so that we were there at low tide and were able to walk way out on the sand bar, catching tiny little crabs, picking up sea shells, and playing in the shallow, clear water. This day will definitely go down as one of our all-time great memories.

Saturday we went to White Lake in New Hampshire. We all love this place, because the water is so clean and clear, and the setting is just picturesque. Eli had a blast playing on the neat playgrounds they have there, too.

On Sunday we had a taste of Hurricane Irene! By the time it reached us it was just a tropical storm, and it was honestly nice to see some rain after months of drought here in Texas! We lost power for a little over 24 hours, but Grandpop has a generator, so we still had some lights and power, and it was nice to just have a relaxing, rainy day inside. We did take a little walk in the rain, though, which was actually really nice!

And on Monday it was beautiful again! We went to breakfast in the morning, and then Eric and Eli and I hiked up Pleasant Mountain. Eli did great walking for a while, and then when it got steep Eric carried him on his shoulders. Eli's favorite part was "running" down the mountain with Eric- his laughter was echoing down the whole mountain! At one point he tripped and fell face-first in the leaves, and he was laughing so hard he couldn't get up. I'll never forget his pure joy.

We rode Grandpop's boat all around Moose Pond later that afternoon, too- it was so beautiful!

On Tuesday we drove to Boothbay Harbor. It's the cutest, quaintest little harbor town you can imagine. We stopped in a little coffee shop for coffee and cinnamon rolls, did some shopping, and then rode a big boat- the "Bennie Alice"- out to Cabbage Island for a clam bake. The weather couldn't have been prettier, and I think this is one of my favorite days ever. Everyone was just so happy. We couldn't have asked for more.

And then on Wednesday it was time to say goodbye to gorgeous Maine and my wonderful grandparents. We had a big breakfast, talked for a long time, took a walk down to the lake, fished a little more, and then headed back to Texas. The trip was just perfect, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to go! We loved every bit of it and are so grateful to my grandparents for sharing it all with us.