Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Photos

A few favorite pictures from the past month...

Eric took Eli to his first Rough Riders baseball game this month. Eli loved it. And I love how Eli is looking so adoringly up at Eric in this picture- it is so representative of how Eli feels about his Daddy!

Eli got a new bike this month and has been riding it at every opportunity. I love watching Eric and Eli ride away down the street together, because I know they're both doing something they love so much.

Phil and Eric took Timothy and Eli to a Forney High School football game a couple weeks ago. The boys loved it- all 4 of them! :)

Even though this is not a great pic of either kid, I still like this picture of Eli and CJ. These two really love each other! This picture was taken at the Gentle Zoo, which both boys thoroughly enjoyed a few weeks ago.

Brownie face:

Eli has been going to Awana this fall, and I think I can finally say that he likes it. :) He had a really hard time the first few weeks- I think the huge group of kids just overwhelmed him at first. But after he said his first Bible verses and got his Cubbies vest, he was really motivated! He wore his vest all the time last week- even to sleep. :)

And this week he marched right in and had a great time! I'm proud of my Cubbie!

Happy fall!