Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm the Mom...

...who everyone feels sorry for when they see her scarfing down her hamburger on a picnic blanket as her child smears gooey animal crackers all over his body and lunges for open cans of Dr. Pepper, as all the other adults enjoy their meals at big people tables.

...who gets all the stares in Bed, Bath, and Beyond because her son is throwing a fit because he can't get down on the floor and run around, thanks to his mom, who forgot to put shoes on her newly walking child.

...who is blissfully happy with her life and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Seriously though- you know you've been in some store and stared slightly judgementally at the person with the tantrum-throwing child. I've been there and done that, at least before I had a kid of my own. Now when I see a mom with a screaming, squirming kid in her arms, I am very tempted to ask her if I can take him away from her for a minute so she can have a break! :)

And you know you've been eating a great meal, savoring every bite, while you watch with some pity the mom with kids who sits near you and inhales her food before her little ones squish her hamburger in their fists or take off in the other direction at top speed. Again, been there and done that, before I had a child of my own. Now there is no pity, just a smile of happy understanding as I inhale my own hamburger. :)

It's funny how much life changes with the addition of a child (or two or three or four), and, while it can be harrowing and patience-testing at times, I seriously wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole wide world. I'll take a big hug from a kid with ketchup-y hands... I'll chase my toddler through a store... I'll take all of those little "moments," because it means that I get to be Eli's mom. And there is no greater joy in the world!

We had a wonderful holiday weekend- I hope that you guys all enjoyed your time with family and friends as well.


The Whinery Family said...

Hi Erica -- I have been following your blog for a while now & love it! Just wanted to say hi....Your little boy is getting so big! :)