Thursday, May 16, 2013


A smattering of pictures from the day we celebrated Eli's 5th birthday...


Eli and CJ.  They were born just 8 days apart and are best buddies.  We love celebrating their birthdays together!  This year we had the party at ASI Gymnastics with 20 of their little friends and so many sweet family members.

The blur of Eric and Eli leaping into the foam pit.  Good form, Eric! :)

 The party leader (one of the ASI Gymnastics coaches) was fantastic.  He kept the kids laughing the entire time.  I love how happy Eli looks in this picture.


He got the boys up on these blocks and told them he was going to give them a birthday present...

...which was a pink leotard for each of them.  :)  The boys were so funny about it.  

A more suitable gift- medals!

Eli was very proud of his birthday medal.  :)

Rope swing.

I love this shot of Hayleigh, Kayley, and Eli.  These are the two girls that Eli talks about marrying someday.  His choice changes frequently, but I'd be totally fine with either one of these precious girls!  :)

Cupcake time!

The fam.

I think a few kids got cut off the edges of this shot, but I couldn't back up any further to take the picture!  :)  I am so thankful for the friends God has given Eli!

The evening of Eli's party we took him to his first Rangers' game!  He loved all the Rough Rider games so much last summer that we figured it was time for the major league.  :)  My grandparents were in town from Maine last week, and my grandmom had a birthday that weekend too.  She is an avid fan of the Red Sox, the visiting team that weekend, so it was a perfect game for all of us.  I love how happy my grandparents look in this picture!

My parents with Jacey, Cooper, and Eli.  

Cotton candy and a baseball game.


It was a day that I hope Eli will never forget!  We had so much fun celebrating our precious boy.