Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day-to-Day, May 9

I have several posts that are long overdo, so I'll start with a few "lately" pictures and move on from there!

First...  Eli loves to make cards and notes for pretty much everyone he knows.  He found this "Tokyo" card somewhere (I think my mom?) and made a note for Lucy (the cat).  She wasn't around when he finished with it, so he just set it by her food bowl so she could "read it later."  I haven't taken it away yet- it's just too cute!  :)

Bouncing.  This is a classic "before" shot of the old "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt" adage.  :)

A picnic!

Cat in sun.

He loves to have a catch.  Eric is the go-to sports guy (and rightfully so!), but yesterday while Eric was at work Eli asked if I would have a catch with him.  Apparently my lack of atheletic ability was shocking to Eli.  :)  He kept giving me friendly pointers about how to throw the ball, catch the ball, etc.  He finally said, "Mommies just aren't good at throwing a baseball."  :)

Soccer buddies.

Asleep in the car clutching a toy gun.  

A corny photo:  (Sorry! :) )

He picked his own outfit!  :)  I think the tie might be a little formal for an outdoor birthday party.

Still to come are camping pictures and Eli's birthday party pictures!