Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Camping, April 2013

Some pictures from our big family camping trip last month...

It's hard to tell from the picture, but that's a little green snake that he's holding.  Eli LOVES animals!

Mom-Mom with Timothy, Charlie, and Eli.


I remember my Dad lifting us up onto this high sign as little girls.  Love that Eli is experiencing these same sweet memories in this beloved spot!

They braved the cold water!  He just wanted a warm towel, but I made him stop for a picture first.  :)

Boys on boats.

Cooper, and Eli being goofy.

I love this shot of my dad with the boys.

Eric, Eli, and their little boat.  :)


Pop-Pop and Eli.

He caught the biggest fish of all of us!

Jacey and Eli.

Me and my sweet boy.

They swung (swang?) like this forever.  It was adorable.

My parents with all the grandkids.


This is how he rode home.  :)

As always, it was a blast!!