Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day-to-Day, May 30

I usually try to edit these photos a bit before I post them, but I haven't had a second to do that lately!  So before I get even more behind, here are some pictures from this last month...

FIVE candles on a cake.  I can't believe it!

His birthday was also "favorite community helper day," also known as "whatever-costume-Mommy-can-scrounge-up-regardless-of-whether-or-not-it's-your-favorite day."

Meet Eli's birthday present!  (or one of them, at least)  Eli got to pick out three hermit crabs for his birthday. They're interesting little pets.

Singing to our boy.

A/C in house + humidity outside = foggy camera lens and thus a cool "filter" effect on this photo.

This is Eli's latest "goofy face."  I like it.  :)

Ice cream break.

One of the many lizards we find in our house daily.  Lucy the cat is an avid lizard hunter.  We find at least one lizard a day in Eli's room, many times three or four a day.  There was also the special gift of a 1.5' long SNAKE in Eli's room last week!  Lizards I can handle; snakes I canNOT!

Hot enough to swim!

And cool enough to get the chills after only five minutes.

Eli's first bowling experience.  He loved it!

This is not a phone picture, in case you can't tell.  :)  Kelly snapped this of Eli- I love it!!

Last game of the season.

Splash day!  :)  It's the annual tradition for all the grandkids (where was Charlie when I took this picture?) to play in the pool as it fills each year.


Painting with Jacey.  These two really love each other, but their boy/girl differences are so funny.  Jacey came running in and said to Eli, "Let's make a city for the toy horsies!"  And Eli said, "And then let's shoot them all with guns!"  :)

This is Eli's "super hero costume."  Side note:  He calls all uniforms "costumes," as in, "Look at that policeman wearing his costume!"  or "Do real soccer players wear costumes?"  :)

And with that, I'm caught up!  :)